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Recruitment has always been a challenge for companies who are competing with each other to acquire the best talent. These companies are ready to pay thousands of dollars to other HR management companies in order to get the best talent in the industry. In this article we shall look at how HR companies are leveraging the power of marketing to recruit new employees.

Why Today’s Recruitment = Marketing
The next few paragraphs will try to shed some light on why today’s recruitment process has almost become like running a full-fledged marketing campaign.

Traditionally marketing is used to bring customers closer to a product. Similarly HR managers are leveraging the power of marketing to attract the best talent.
If you want great hires then you must have great applicants. You are going to hire great talent only when you have a pool of great applicants. So in order to get great applicants you have to generate leads of good quality. And for generating quality leads you need to some marketing.

Role of Marketing in the Recruitment Process
In recent years due to the increasing role of marketing in the recruitment process a new term called Recruitment Marketing has emerged. Recruitment marketing incorporates every online and offline marketing method to recruit new employees.
To understand it better let us see the role of marketing in the recruitment process.

Creating a Brand Name
You as a recruiter will merge your brand with the brand of your clients to reach out to new applicants. Marketing helps you create and develop a brand which attracts new recruits. Branding will help you in educating candidates about the importance of your brand and influencing their decision to take their career to your organization.

You Reach out to Applicants Rather than Them Reaching You
Today candidates have a lot of options. So it is not necessary that they would wait for one recruiter like you. It is very important that through the right marketing strategy you reach them first before they reach you.

Generating Leads and Converting Them into Hires
If you want to hire great employees then you have to generate quality leads. The quality of candidates you hire will totally depend upon how good your leads are.
The right marketing campaign can help you in generating quality leads.

Stages of Modern Recruitment Marketing
What are the stages of modern recruitment processes that use marketing extensively?

Stage 1: Creating an Influence and Attracting Candidates

You have to influence candidates’ opinion by letting them know the remuneration and rewards they receive in return of their performance. You will be leveraging the power of your brand and getting candidates to sign up for your organization’s network or community.

Stage 2: Outbound Sourcing

In stage one you wait for the candidate to come to you. However in outbound sourcing you reach out to the candidates first. You have to keep candidates informed with all the developments going in the company that directly relates to them.

Stage 3: Generating Leads Through Engaging

It happens that a candidate may not be right for current openings but he or she could be right for future openings. Therefore you have to engage them by newsletters and personal emails. You have to stay in touch with them on a regular basis.

Stage 4: Converting Leads into Applicants

You have to convert window shoppers to real shoppers. Whatever leads you are generating online and offline, you have to convert them into applicants. Here you have to attract candidates through great content and get them to fill an application form.

Stage 5: Selection and Retention

Here you will be recruiting the candidates. You have to meet them in person and take one on one interviews. You will give them offer letters and tell them the joining date. Once candidates have been recruited you need to retain them for a longer period of time.

7 Marketing Methods through Which Modern Recruitment is Done Today
Here are some marketing methods that recruiters are using to recruit new candidates.

The interesting thing about these methods is they are new and quite different from conventional ways through which recruitment is done.

1. Email Nurturing
You engage candidates by emailing them on a regular basis. You keep them up to date about current and future openings in the company. You develop a personal relationship with them via email communications.

2. Social Recruiting

Social media has emerged as one of the most important platforms for recruiting online. It has almost replaced offline marketing platforms like newspapers.
You use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other Web 2.0 sites to engage new candidates.

3. Career Website
Even social media is not enough for marketing so recruiters are launching their own web portals rather depending upon websites like Monster.com. Career sites help them in getting details about the candidate’s qualifications and work experience.

4. SEO
There is no meaning in launching a web portal if you are not receiving good traffic every day. SEO will help recruiters to rank their site high in the search results organically. More traffic means more candidates to select from.

5. Mobile Recruiting
Mobile recruiting is another way where you can reach out to candidates on their mobile phone. It can be done via sending SMS or inviting them to download your mobile app. You help them to stay up to date all the time.

6. Content Marketing
Content marketing is another extreme form of online marketing. You can make use of content to get new candidates. Here you create great content and market it online.

7. Talent Networks
You also use talent networks to draw new recruits. You build these networks through various ways of marketing.

So these were 7 unconventional ways of marketing done by recruiters. Some other marketing techniques like placing ads in newspapers, sticking bills on public places, running ads or commercials on TV, etc. are not mentioned in the list.

So after reading this article you will be convinced why recruitment indeed means marketing. Your recruitment is simply incomplete if you don’t market it. You will not get the right kind of talent if you don’t mix marketing with traditional ways of recruiting.

This article is by Pritam Nagrale who runs the blog Surejob. He writes about career management for both jobseekers and employers.