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A passive candidate is a candidate who has all the requisite skills and matches the requirements for the job on offer but is not actively looking for a job. By the very nature of their disinterest in any new job, they are very unlikely to be found on a job portal, via social media, or at a job fair. Passive candidates form the larger portion of any workforce and thus generate immense interest amongst recruiters.

Within this group of passive candidates there is a certain portion which could be called super-passive (will never be interested in a new job). The rest of the passive candidates population will be interested to discuss, talk, and respond to a job matching their exact skills or fulfilling their career aspirations.

So there is this huge but hidden pool of potential talent for recruiters to tap, and recruiters need to devise a complete sourcing strategy for both active and passive job seekers.

Emails are generally considered an unobtrusive and accepted way of first time introductions to anyone. Here are some tips on cold emails to passive candidates –

Go back to your Applicant Tracking System / Recruiting Software

Every application that comes your way has multiple candidates approaching you for a particular position. Invariably a large number of these candidates are rejected. Over a period of time this candidate information can become a gold mine for you. The sooner you adopt a tool to keep track of applications and search a database of candidates the better it is for you. You will have to use multiple ways to search through your database keeping in mind that the candidate who did not have the requisite skills at a particular point of time may have somehow moved into roles that master those particular skills.

Introduction Email

Start the discussion with an eye-catching subject asking for networking or a connection request, giving a complete introduction about your domain, work interest, background, etc.

Follow up with the Job Description

Whether or not you get a positive response from the earlier introduction, you can always follow up with a prospective job that you have on offer by giving more detailed information. Also ask for references – if this particular candidate is not interested he might suggest his/her friend who could be relevant.

Stay Spam-free

It is suggested to use a good emailing solution to stay spam-free. A large number of solutions are available mostly at reasonable price (like Vertical Response and Mailchimp). A good recruiting software will also allow you to send emails.

Don’t loose the conversation

Make sure you keep the conversation on with all the relevant contacts that have opened or responded to your email. Keep them updated with some matching job offers or industry newsletters without overdoing it. These conversations would definitely yield results sooner than later.